THE reach maui vision

Reach Maui is a vision of God’s people partnering together to further the Gospel in Maui through church planting.


This vision starts with establishing an independent Baptist church in the town of Wailuku, Maui. Central to the island, Wailuku along with two other towns on either side account for over 50,000 of the population.

While leading this church to be self-supporting, the long-term prayer of Reach Maui is to help train, financially support, and send pastors to start Bible studies and churches around Maui. According to the U.S. Census, there are 11 towns above 5,000 people in Maui. Our prayer is that Reach Maui can have a part in bringing a Gospel preaching church to all eleven of these towns. 

our vision summary


partner with believers


establish an Independent  baptist church in wailuku, maui


evangelize & disciple locals


establish bible studies and churches in surrounding towns


Hawaii is not the cheapest place to start a church. In fact, it is almost double the U.S. average for cost of living (see here). To give you an understanding, two recent church planters on the island of Oahu had to raise about $10,000 per month. The highest cost is rent. For example, one of those church planters had to spend $4,000 per month to rent out a theater for 3 hours each Sunday and another few thousand for housing. 

After doing thorough research, we have set two monthly support goals totaling $12,000 per month. The first will be the monthly support needed to return to Maui and begin the Wailuku work in a rented home. The second goal will include additional support needed to rent a separate (larger) space as the Wailuku church grows. Feel free to contact us for more specific cost breakdowns and strategy.


a month


a month

giving agency


P.O. Box 219228

Houston, TX 77218


sending church

Ohana Baptist Church

2879 Paa Street

Honolulu, HI 96819


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